JARC – Facilitating the ERN PaedCan

The work performed in the framework of ExPO-r-Net has also been integrated in the EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers (JARC), launched in November 2016. The objective of this initiative of the EU and Member States is to help ensure the appropriate roll out and implementation of the European Reference Networks – including therefore the ERN PaedCan as well as to address the lack of systematic inclusion of rare cancers in national cancer plans. The JARC is an important opportunity to advance towards the key objectives of the SIOPE Strategic Plan and to build on achievements of ExPO-r-Net. SIOPE was selected as the leader of the JARC ‘Childhood Cancers’ Work Package, which focuses on topics such as making recommendations to solve bottlenecks and barriers in accessibility to essential medicines and innovative therapies; identifying solutions for delivering optimal care and research for young people with extremely rare cancers; and recommendations on models of healthcare for survivors.