Paediatric Oncology ERN Roadmap Developments

A roadmap identifying paediatric oncology networks is under preparation. As a start, it includes networks on very rare tumours, retinoblastoma, haepatoblastoma and Wilms tumour.

During the last project workshop (on August 7th 2015),  the progresses and challenges of these individual networks during the preparation of the roadmap were illustrated, with the future goal  to have one ERN with several sub-networks therein (figure). Figure 1

The ERN roadmap will be instrumental in identifying Hubs of Coordination (HoC) based on advice and support from the project community, including in particular on the prior existence of cross border healthcare settings. As a direct consequence of identifying HoCs in several fields, “Super-Hubs” uniting networks with natural synergies will assert themselves. These “Super-Hubs” will be particularly large centres with the capacity to engage in multitasking across several fields. The ExPO-r-Net roadmap will formulate the process of defining the ERN, its network components, as well as the qualification of centres.