Results from the ExPO-r-Net Questionnaires

Project Coordinator Prof Ruth Ladenstein illustrated the results from the two ExPO-r-Net questionnaires which have been circulated to all members and Chairs of European Clinical Trials groups:

  • Questionnaire on front line settings
  • Questionnaire on relapse settings

Fourteen (14) experts from all over Europe answered the questionnaire on front line settings, while the questionnaire on relapse settings received a total of 6 answers. Respondents provided answers based on respective fields of of expertise, including disease-related subjects. The questionnaire responses received show that the majority of Clinical Trials groups are registered in public trial registries, are willing to provide the clinical trial synopsis and/or protocol(s) for reference to ExPO-r-Net, and can share information on the potential referral reference sites already in place. The answers also provide useful information concerning standard treatment recommendations, guidelines, biological markers, diagnostic tests, imaging investigations, surgical interventions, reference sites for review of pathological material, and eligibility for elective Cross Border Health Care (CBHC) referral of patients.

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